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Man Guarding Services.

Our commitment to excellent services is what makes us leaders in the security industry. SECUREX Security and Alarm System’s best services are due to its good employees. Well-screened security officers are the company’s most valuable asset. The company is committed to hiring the best officers who are professional, intelligent and dedicated.
Candidates are carefully selected to meet the high standards of the company’s services and its clients. Regular in-service training and quality assurance measures ensure that SECUREX Security and Alarm Company officers are the industry’s best. We offer well trained and competent armed and normal guards.

Protocol guards / Receptionists.

SECUREX Security protocol guards are specially trained security officers. They are all Client Relations Specialists (CRS), a qualification earned through training and practice at SECUREX. These individuals are ideally suited for clients who demand polished interpersonal relations from frontline staff. Although they are trained security officers, they also act as customer / client service agents. These officers are diligent and dedicated and client relation oriented.



Guards’ assignments/locations are visited by area supervisors at least three times per shift and spot checks are also conducted by operations assistants. These inspections together with periodic site visits by the Operations Manager help to ensure provision of high standard services to our customers. Every hour, the supervisor on duty patrols a certain number of locations, performing un-announced visits.

Intervention Response Team (elite.)

With years of experience, and consolidated security services, we respond rapidly to any emergency, no matter where the location is. Our instant response to emergencies has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the security industry. Our quick reaction force vehicle reaches the incident site in approximately 3 to 10 minutes anywhere in Dar es Salaam metropolitan area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.

 This team is made up of highly trained professionals, exclusively trained for handling any situation, armed and unarmed combat, apprehending the culprit. Using force where necessary, depending on the circumstances. This elite response team comprises 6 men, fully trained and equipped.

SECUREX Security and Alarm Company (T) Ltd. System has made arrangements with the Police (All over Tanzania) to provide us with armed police officers, in the event of major crimes including armed robbery.



Dog section services

We have a qualified team of dog handlers with well trained dogs for premises requiring strict protection.

ICD/factory services

We provide qualified and experienced security services for Inland Container Depots. (ICD)/factory by providing skilled security guards and equipment as follows:
(a) Static Guards for vehicles protection and documentation.
(b)Mobile guards for escorting vehicles from port to depot.
(c) Patrol cars for escorting vehicles from port to depot.
(d) CCTV cameras can be installed at depots at customers’ request.
(e)Conducting fire fighting training to depot staff.


Cash in Transit Services / Armed Escort services

This ideal for businesses,financial institutions,companies handling huge sums of money or valueable assets.

Alarm Intruder Systems.

SECUREX offers up to date alarm installations covering industrial and domestic property. These systems range from the simple push button activated radio alarm, through the sophisticated Space Protection Systems utilizing a wide range of detection technologies, electric fences, CCTV.

Push button alarms.
Pushing a wall-mounted switch or a remote control button activates push button alarms. The moment a push button alarm is activated, a signal is sent to our fully computerized control room and the controllers immediately dispatch a response vehicle with a back-up team to your premises. On arrival, the team will take the necessary action to protect life and property

Automatic alarms.
The system is independent of the human control as it is automatically activated by movement or body heat by triggering electronic sensors. A signal is transmitted to our 24 hours manned control room and immediately a response vehicle/team is dispatched to your premises.


High-end security equipments

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
This facility is ideal for businesses handling cash hence vulnerable to robbery/burglary. Video cameras monitor sensitive areas recoding all activities in that area criminal activity inclusive. is recorded. Closed Circuit Television can also be linked to automatic alarms that activate the cameras when the alarm is triggered, thereby recording any incident as it takes place.

Metal detectors.
SECUREX Security and Alarm System provides a wide range of RANGER metal detectors which display the exact location of concealed weapons by means of a built in display and on the side panels.

Access Control systems.
These are used to restrict entrance into sensitive places by would be intruders i.e biometrics like fingerprint or face or token or pincode or face devices,card readers and door lock systems etc.

About Securex

The company is dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each client and provides superior cost-efficient services.