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Training/education is provided to our guards and staffs



Education is the basis for the creation of expertise and Professionalism. SECUREX places heavy emphasis on training and educating its guards and staff. In-service training consists of theoretical as well as practical training in legal matters, security procedures, investigation, observation and security awareness.

Various security consultants from abroad occasionally give guest lecturers to our officers. Security officers are trained using a grade system whereby grade “A” is the foundation/entry level and grade “C”, is advanced level.

Grade A (Foundation/entry level)

Highly Competent Professionals

Grade C (Advanced level)

Affordable Prices

Grade A
Grade C
Hours of Practice (week)


All personnel activities including recruitment, selection, promotion and disciplinary actions   are implemented with consideration of Equal Employment Opportunity standards. They are implemented without prejudice on race, color, religion, tribe or gender. Our Human Resource Department performs random audits to ensure all government regulations are understood complied with.

All employees are thoroughly vetted through fingerprint screening by the Police who then issue a certificate of good conduct to successful candidates who meet our strict standards. We undertake to crosscheck and verify all the references to ascertain their genuineness. All our security agents are literate hence able to communicate in Swahili and English.  SECUREX encourages female applicants in order to promote gender equality.

About Securex

The company is dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each client and provides superior cost-efficient services.