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SECUREX believes in a win-win situation. It is pertinent to reaffirm our commitment in maintaining insurance policies with one of the most credible insurance companies in the country FORTIS. The company has secured an insurance coverage of up to one hundred and fifty million Tanzanian Shillings (TSh 150,000,000) for any damages or theft that might arise from the negligence of our security agents.


It is the goal of SECUREX Security and Alarm Company (T) Ltd. to provide security services that exceeds its client’s expectations. SECUREX Security and Alarm Company (T) Ltd. assurance program is designed to ensure the highest level of performance and client satisfaction. The company operates a quality assurance program in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. We would be grateful to provide all potential clients with detailed risk analysis and security proposals.

To promote quality management concepts within the organization and progressively gain participation and commitment from all employees for the eventual benefit of all our clients, a questionnaire is prepared and distributed to all clients. Our team of experts is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, assuring you our best professional service at all times.

As mentioned SECUREX Security and Alarm Company (T) Ltd. uses the latest equipment, certified by ISO 9001. Each of our guards receives two uniforms, baton, flashlight and 2 way radio and siren.

SECUREX believes in the concept of appraisal that determines our strength and weaknesses. Some of these procedures include weekly meetings intended to review the week’s issues and correct them immediately. Also, we have monthly meetings which intend to review and address issues for the company’s growth. The company also maintains an open door policy both for the clients through surveys and customer care services and its employees who enjoy full access to the management.

About Securex

The company is dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each client and provides superior cost-efficient services.